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Amazon Reduces Workforce by 9,000!

In an effort to getting more lean and efficient, the worlds largest retail platform is reducing its corporate labor by around 9,000 jobs. This is centered mostly in the Twitch, web apps, and HR areas of the business. This, however, comes on the heels of January cuts of about 18,000 for Amazon as well as approximately 180,000 cuts across many tech giants.

Although it is easy to point this directly as a result of a forthcoming deeper "recession", we don't believe this is the case. Rather our take is that they are trimming the labor that was brought on by the pandemic in trying to meet the customer's needs. Amazon, and other tech giants who recently announced workforce reductions (Meta, Salesforce, other) are all having to deal with lowered sales revenues and reducing costs to adjust to those changes. Businesses overall need to adjust to a global economy and changes like this, unfortunately, show good business practices at the expense of their workers.


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