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Family and Business for Generations

Not the Cornwell family, but representative of our brood

Beginning in 1947, when Mary E. Cornwell purchased an 8-unit multi-family complex in Solana Beach, California, the family's entrepreneurial drive in real estate and investments has grown to a national portfolio of investments and professional services.  Expansion into Arizona was spurred by Ervin R. Cornwell who opened Cornwell Realty Company in Phoenix, Arizona in 1962, focusing on land development and brokerage.  This effort laid a foundation in Arizona for his son, Richard E. "Dick" Cornwell to formally pivot and focus these efforts by incorporating Cornwell Corporation in 1972, and moving the headquarters to Scottsdale, Arizona.  For many years, Cornwell Corporation was part of the developing sites in the Scottsdale Airpark, Colorado, and Southern California.  Today, Cornwell Corporation is lead by Eric R. Cornwell who has opened a second office in Doylestown, Pennsylvania and sees expansion across the country on professional services, investment, and philanthropy.

The history of the family includes challenge and triumph, failures and rewards that have continued in business for over a half-century.  Each family entrepreneur has set benchmarks, provided personal commitment, and held themselves to fundamentals based on honesty and integrity that helped develop traditions for growth and purpose we follow each day.

Time provides much.  It is because of time that Cornwell Corporation has been blessed with experience and knowledge that allows for managing investments in all markets.  With this foundation, we are enlivened for the future and the next generation of family entrepreneurs.


Mr. Cornwell's face from 2018

Mr. Cornwell, continuing a tradition of leadership, sees his position as dual purpose.  First, to ensure that the portfolio has a stable mix of assets that are acquired and developed with a vision for continued growth; and second, to enable the next generation to pursue opportunities and create lasting positive actions within their communities.Mr. Cornwell has an undergraduate degree in Finance from Arizona State University, an MBA from Villanova, and resides in Doylestown, Pennsylvania with his family.

This museum in Prescott, Arizona, is dedicated to the legacy of cowboy artist George Phippen and holds close to 800 incredible pieces of museum-quality, fine art. These special items illustrate the incredible artistic talent of their creators and the wide variety of artistic techniques and mediums utilized in the creation of some of America’s finest Western Art.  Mr. Richard E. Cornwell was a Board Member and President for many years helping to expand its operations for the future.

Image by Artem Maltsev
this is a plant


The team at Cornwell is often reminded that we are not only working for the enjoyment of today, but building a platform that can help others to do the same.  Part of the core values of Cornwell are to help expand the access and reach for education, the arts, and organizations that lift up our communities.  Below are some of the organizations we believe are aligned with our values and are helping to make a positive change in the world for others.

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