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Focused on Industrial & Multi-Family Assets

The team at Cornwell Corporation endeavors to give our customers the same service we would expect ourselves with each and every transaction assignment.  This includes includes comprehensive underwriting, constant customer service, and a leveraged technology platform.  Our focus is to understand the value propositions, operational nuances, and market trends to each asset class so that we can constantly deliver results with the highest quality standards.

Our professionals work closely with both investors and operators in order to generate results that exceed each customer's expectations.  We do so through experience, knowledge, and effort to deliver outstanding results every time.

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Whether you are an individual with a single asset, or a fund with multiple investors and assets across the country, Cornwell Corporation can assist in the underwriting, negotiation, and transaction related to your benchmarks and requirements.  Additionally, through our network of brokers across the globe, we can help find professional experts in any market to help with a requirement.
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Value in commercial real estate comes from knowledge in each asset and market type.  Cornwell Corporation understands that both sides of a lease transaction, the Tenant and the Landlord, should have professional representation to ensure they enter into acceptable obligations with a clear understanding and expectations.  Allow our team to help you manage the workload of a leasing and, through our technology platform, find a meeting point that provides value and opportunity.


Income producing real estate needs professionals who are focused on realizing the highest value through maximized income and managed expenses.  Our team believes that operations of each property begin with customer service and goes through each line item of the income statement.  Through leveraging technology and our experience, we diligently work to retain all tenants, maintain properties at the highest level, and communicate with our customers.  Contact us today and your 24/7 management obligation can become ours.

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