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Italy and the United States: A Flourishing Bilateral Trade Amidst Global Commerce

My family and I recently took a trip to Italy - spending the majority of time in Rome and along the Amalfi Coast. Being an adventurous group, we did rent a car for the time we were there to allow us a different perspective on the country as we moved about. My interest along those drives, aside from finding the perfect pizza and Cacio de Pepe, was to see the size of industry Italy has for exporting / importing with the United States. We certainly saw our fair share of small businesses, but the amount of larger factories and warehouses did peak my interest.

Italy is a thriving economy on a lot of fronts. So, I took it upon myself to look a little further into the trade taking place between the US and Italy to see just how big it was. Below is a summary of the amount of business being generated between the two countries. Enjoy!


The world economy thrives on the intricate web of international trade, and two prominent players in this global exchange are Italy and the United States. Both nations boast rich histories, diverse cultures, and robust economies that contribute significantly to the global marketplace. In this blog post, we will explore the extent of import and export business that occurs between Italy and the United States, comparing it to their trade relations with the rest of the world.

Italy, renowned for its fashion, automotive, and luxury goods, stands as one of the world's leading exporters. In 2021, Italy exported approximately $604 billion worth of goods, according to World Bank data. Its primary export commodities include machinery, vehicles, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and food products, among others.

The United States, a top global importer, remains a crucial market for Italian exports. Italian goods have found a warm reception among American consumers who appreciate the quality and craftsmanship that often accompanies "Made in Italy" products. Popular Italian exports to the United States include luxury fashion items, fine wines, machinery, and automobile parts.

Italy and the United States maintain a robust and mutually beneficial trade relationship. In 2021, the total bilateral trade between the two countries amounted to nearly $80 billion, marking a significant economic exchange.

Notably, the United States has consistently been one of Italy's most significant export destinations, while also serving as a vital source of imports for Italian industries. This exchange has been instrumental in fostering economic growth and generating employment opportunities on both sides of the Atlantic.

Despite the strong bilateral trade, both Italy and the United States face certain challenges when conducting business with each other. These challenges include differences in regulatory standards, trade barriers, and tariffs that can hinder the smooth flow of goods and services.

However, with challenges come opportunities. Closer economic ties present both nations with the chance to collaborate on research and development, explore new markets, and engage in joint ventures to innovate and grow their economies further.

While Italy benefits significantly from its trade with the United States, its commercial engagements with other nations are equally critical. European Union countries, such as Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, are among Italy's most important trading partners, given the EU's integrated single market.

Outside of Europe, Italy has established fruitful trade relationships with countries like China, Switzerland, and Russia, among others. These international collaborations contribute to Italy's economic stability and enable the country to diversify its export markets.

The United States, as the world's largest economy, enjoys extensive trade relations with numerous countries across the globe. Its top trading partners include China, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and Germany, with China being its largest trading partner in terms of goods.

Through these diverse trade connections, the United States ensures a steady flow of goods, services, and resources to meet its domestic demands while also bolstering its international standing.

The import and export business between Italy and the United States remains a crucial component of the global trade landscape. The strong bilateral trade between these two nations underscores the value they place on each other's products and the deep-rooted economic ties that contribute to their prosperity.

As Italy and the United States continue to strengthen their trade relations, they must also explore opportunities to address challenges and promote sustainable economic growth. By doing so, they can not only solidify their position in the global market but also foster a deeper sense of partnership and collaboration that extends far beyond economic interests.

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